My Next Book

Ever since the publication of the first six generations of The Hopper Family Genealogy, I have been working on the next two generations. I am now editing the book, possibly two volumes as it is over 500 pages, which I hope to publish by the end of this year.

The 74 page index to the new book is on this website and I will be updating it periodically.  All Individuals in the seventh generation are listed in the first book. Individuals of the seventh generation with descendants are in the second book as well. Individuals in the eighth generation have  numbers like #849-2 (the second child of #849) and those in the ninth generation have numbers like #849-2-5 (the fifth child of the second child of #849. I used this numbering system so you can easily find the ancestors of anyone in the second book, in the first book. (The index is a pdf file and may take a few moments to load.)

If you have more information on any of the individuals in the index, or know of anyone who should be included, please let me know. Also looking for pictures of 7th and 8th generation descendants.

If you would like to be on my pre-publiction mailing list please let me know by email. 

Thanks, Ree

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